On October 26th, 2010, at 9 weeks old, Phoebe Rose was diagnosed with high risk MLL + Infantile Leukemia. On November 18th 2015 , she took her last breath. This is her story of hope and love in the face of cancer and despair. Phoebe always brought the joy and continues to inspire us to make a difference. It is best read from the beginning. Thank-you for visiting.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Phoebe has had a rough week. Steroids on top of fighting a cold, she was miserable. This combined with the worry about last week's blood work made for some sleepless nights.

I am happy to write that the steroids are finished for another month and Phoebe is already on her way back. Unlike other courses of steroids when she has been too depressed to eat, this time around, she ate her way through the sorrow and has finally surpassed 12 kilos. Just. She is 12.1. 

We had a visit to CHEO today for blood work and an infusion of immunoglobulin. Phoebe's blood work looks much better this week. Her platelets are on the rise, still low for her, but on the rise which is good news. Her bone marrow is making these important cells. Her white count has also come down a bit and her cold is improving. All good news and a great big sigh of relief from me today. 

We are back at CHEO next week for more chemo and more blood work. In the meantime, we are celebrating Mae's fifth birthday and hoping to forget about cancer for another week, or as much as that is possible. 

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